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Celebrity Cruises

Take a journey back in time to the Galapagos with Celebrity Cruises!

We've taken a page out of Darwin's Red Notebook and learned that to be relevant we have to evolve to fit perfectly into the ever-changing world around us. More specifically, the environment around us. With almost 10 years in the Galapagos, we've learned and evolved our cruise vacations to meet the needs of the modern explorer. We've adapted to bring you updated luxuries that elevate your experience in this precious archipelago to the next level. The way we see it, the Galapagos Islands may be primitive, but your vacation there doesn't have to be.

Galapagos isn't a place you visit, it's an experience you take part in, marveling at this one very unique snapshot of evolution.

Experience the Galapagos Islands
Celebrity Cruises offers a one-of-a-kind experience on Celebrity Xpedition to one of the earth's most precious archipelagos, the Galapagos Islands. This is more than a cruise, it's a richly rewarding, all-inclusive journey focused on conservation, education, and personal growth. As you come face-to-face with the landscape and creatures that inspired Darwin's theory of evolution -including over 1,900 species of animals that can be found nowhere else on the planet - you'll also come to learn more about what makes this environment so unique and how its protection is such an important mission.

Designing a Comprehensive Galapagos Experience
We invite you to begin and end your 10-night excitement-filled journey with a fully guided tour of Quito, Ecuador. In addition to spending seven full days exploring the natural bounty that exists nowhere else but the Galapagos Islands, you'll have two days prior to your cruise and a full day afterwards to discover Quito's colonial past, including spectacular Spanish cathedrals, or one last tour of the city.

A world of wonder before you. A naturalist guide at your side.

-Cultivate your sense of wonder.

There is no better way to enjoy the natural wonder and intrigue of the Galapagos Islands than by combining it with the amenities that make a voyage with Celebrity Cruises so pleasurable. As the only major cruise line sailing these waters, Celebrity can bring these islands to life in a unique way as you're treated to the exceptional service and attention to detail that make a voyage with us such a memorable experience.

Celebrity Xpedition is the best way to experience these islands. With fewer than 100 guests per sailing, a better than 2-to-1 guest-to-staff ratio, and many of the amenities you would expect from Celebrity, this ship offers the best of both worlds. Upon returning from you daily guided excursions, you'll enjoy exotic local fruit juices, and on special nights you'll savor Ecuadorian delicacies served alfresco under the magnificent, star-studded Galapagos sky. You'll sample the flavours of these enchanting islands as we serve fresh, locally grown, organic fruit and vegetables, as well as fresh fish caught by Galapagos fishermen. Our casual open seating environment allows you the flexibility to enjoy the company of new friends, your favourite naturalist guide, or one of our friendly officers.

To ensure you get the most out of this enriching destination, a team of naturalists certified by the Galapagos National Park will accompany you to each location to enlighten you at every turn, and will provide lectures and briefings each night. Our guides will lead you on treks to the black lava rocks where sea lions sun themselves, bring you close to blue-footed or masked boobies, and point out giant tortoises, dolphins, white-tipped sharks, and other amazing marine life. With over 300 species of fish, including 200 kinds of starfish alone, the Galapagos is renowned as one of the world's best snorkeling spots. As your naturalist guides lead you through this archipelago, you'll be free to focus on the splendour of the destinations, as we'll handle all the details on this all-inclusive experience that includes everything from staff gratuities to shore excursions.

For a truly seamless experience, you can begin and end your trip in Quito, Ecuador, with a pre-, and a post-cruise package. This comprehensive 10-night Galapagos encounter includes a fully guided Quito tour, your Galapagos cruise, transfers (including round trip air from/to Quito to Galapagos), and Celebrity's concierge service. You'll also have the rare opportunity to add a four-night Peru post-cruise experience, including Lima, Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Ollantaytambo, and the magnificent Machu Picchu.


A Natural Approach
Part of providing excellent service to our guests is ensuring that the destinations we explore are protected for the future. In that spirit, Celebrity's Galapagos experience is planned in conjunction with the Galapagos National Park and follows strict environmental guidelines and regulations. Our naturalist guides are certified by the Galapagos national Park and we follow our own conservation program onboard. So enjoy your vacation in the Galapagos Islands, knowing that future generations can have a similarly enriching experience.

10 Night Galapagos Experience
We'll begin with two nights in Quito before spending the next seven nights onboard the intimate Celebrity Xpedition while we experience the Galapagos Islands. Several excursion options offered each day, included with your cruise and accompanied by expert guides, allow you to choose between high, medium, and low intensity so you can encounter each island at your own pace. To end your adventure, we'll spend one final night in Quito.

The Best of Ecuador & Peru
Celebrity Cruises offers a rare opportunity to combine your cruise vacation through Ecuador's Galapagos Islands with a 4-night post-cruise tour of Peru's ancient sites. A knowledgeable tour director will serve as your personal guide and concierge, and you'll be treated to premium hotel accommodations throughout your journey.

A Voyage of Discovery
Encounter life at its most exceptional, while experiencing our exceptional approach to travel.


These enriching all-inclusive voyages represent a rare opportunity to absorb the lessons of nature in one of the world's largest classrooms. Traveling onboard Celebrity Xpedition, you'll experience both comfort and wonder as each day brings encounters with natural wonders from sunbathing marine iguanas to giant tortoises. Despite the impact these islands will have on you, the trip has been designed so that we will have a minimal impact on the environment, ensuring that generations of animals, and human visitors, can enjoy this special place for decades to come.

Cruise aboard Celebrity Xpedition and you'll experience a sense of intimacy that can only be achieved aboard a smaller ship. And yet, Celebrity Xpedition is filled with touches that are luxuriously familiar. Morning mimosas and moonlit toasts are just a few of the spoils you'll enjoy as you embrace the timelessness of the Galapagos Islands - a land that time has seemingly forgotten.

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