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Description of Destination : rarotonga

Rarotona is located in the Cook Islands; it's name stems from Raro meaning 'down' and Tonga meaning 'south'. This island paradise is the youngest of the group, estimated to be 1500 years old... which would put settlement much earlier than the legend of the arrival of Kainuku Ariki. Rarotonga is considered the emerald jewel of the Pacific offering jagged peaks, deep valleys, fertile slopes of red earth and sparkling aquamarine lagoon. It's vista's are strewn and spiked with jutting pinnacles that sail to terraces and flats where you'll find bananas, coconuts, paw paw and pineapples growing. Most visitors to the island enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.                                                                                      Rarotonga is the classic 19th century European ideal of paradise!

Excursions Available at rarotonga
  • Circle Island Tour
  • Rarotonga Cultural Village
  • Raro 4-Wheel Drive Safari Tour
  • Quad Touring
  • Cook Islands Whale & Wildlife Centre
  • Adventure Tour with Trekking & Dance/Drum Lesson
  • Muri Lagoon Cruise with Lunch
  • Takitumu Conservation Tour
  • Storyteller Eco Cycle Tour
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Kite Surfing
  • Sail Rarotonga
  • Reef Sub Boat Cruises
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