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Description of Destination : moorea
Church at Moorea
Church at Moorea

Moorea is located only 17 km from Tahiti. Moorea can be easily accessed by ferry and small airplanes. The island of Moorea is encircled by a lagoon of translucent green, fringed by an azure sea. The island is triangular in shape with the north side featuring the dramatic twin bays, Cook's Bay and Opunohu Bay.

During the latter half of the 19th century, colonists arrived on the island and cotton and coconut plantations began to spring up. Vanilla and coffee came later. The high peaks, deep green valleys and white-sand beaches are generally still pristine.

Moorea is popular for couples spending a few nights or a week in the South Pacific. It is quieter than Papeete in the evenings, but most of the hotels do offer nightly entertainment such as a Polynesian Show.


Image of Moorea Island


Moorea is known as the Magical Island. The island offers a wide, shallow lagoon surrounding so it's excellent for swimming, snorkeling, and watersports. The island is lush with bright green vertical mountains and tumbling blue waterfalls. Pastel-painted houses surround gardens of hibiscus and birds of paradise. Moorea is an island paradise.


Moorea is also known for its excellent whale and dolphin watching. Dr. Michael Poole, a Research Associate with the National Oceanic Society, offers eco-tours to observe and learn about the lives of wild, free-ranging dolphins and whales. Our Tahiti Specialists highly recommend Dr. Poole's eco-tour!

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Excursions Available at moorea
  • Circle Island Tour including Belvedere Lookout
  • Circle Island Drive & Tiki Theatre Village
  • Motu Beach Picnic and Ray Feeding
  • Parasailing over Moorea
  • Dolphin & Whale Watching Expedition with Dr. Michael Poole
  • 4-Wheel Drive Safari
  • Motu Islet Cruise
  • Swim and Snorkel in Moorea's Bays
  • Moorea Snorkeling Safari
  • Discover Moorea Hike
  • Paddle Board Lagoon Tour
  • Lagoon Tour by Boat with picnic
  • Moorea Dolphin Center
  • Relaxing Treatment at the Spa "Maeva"
  • Golf at the Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course
  • Scuba Diving with TopDive
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